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The guestbook is a place for you, our valued customer, to make a comment or ask a question. Please send your guestbook comment via email to dickscafe@dickscafe.com
Name: Andy- 7 September,2006
Comment: Just returned to London and felt it necessary to write. Dicks Cafe is a
gem of a place in a entertaining area. The staff are always welcoming, polite and seem to remember their customers from previous visits.
After 20 visits to Bangkok this is the only place that we consistantly return to. The food, atmosphere and the people watching has to be experienced. This place has definately cornered a hassle free atmosphere. The owners have got everthing right. Can't wait to visit again and try some more of the great food. Thanks

Name: Steve- 2 September, 2006
Comment: Travellers to BKK and Silom Area, there is no such wonderful place to
chill out or spend the whole night watching the night life than Dick's Cafe. Do you want to expereince a real professional
service, good food and fun down the night life street, stop by Dick's cafe and you will never a miss out a eveninng being there. I have always spent my nights sitting at this cafe and have met many great friends-guests at this place. Try out and you will always want to return. Great food and good selection of drinks and of course the fun of the city. Guys keep up the good work and we westeners need a place like that and too well situtated in the heart of the night-life. We are coming back soon and have great fun

Name: F. Al Khalifa - 16 August,2006
Comment: Well, there are no words that could express my experience when I visited Dick's Cafe in Bangkok. The food, the drinks, the service, and above all, the whole ambiance of the establishment is simply impeccable. I stopped by it every day during my stay in Bangkok, at least for a glass of wine. It is definitely a place to stop by, without which your trip to this amazing city would not be complete. I am coming again guys, soon!

Name: Chris - 16 July,2006
Comment: My boyfriend and I had a great time at Dick's Brokeback Mountain themed anniversary party and the rest of the week we stayed in Bangkok. The Tarntawan and other related establishments were equally superb. Thanks for making our stay in Bangkok so enjoyable. I wish we had places like this in the USA! Yee haw! - The Tall Cowboy

Name: Alan -15 May 2006
Comment: I'm so annoyed to miss Aek's exhibition at Dick's Cafe. He is a wonderful artist.
I will be there (in Bangkok) in July and may well spend my days between Aek's restaurant and Dick's Cafe, and of course, get my "beauty sleep" (LOL) at the superb Tarntawan Hotel. (Already booked).

Name: Steve Harris - 01 February,2006
Comment: Great food! I shall be back again

Name: Ram Kumar Tanang - 18 January, 2006
Comment: Hello, I am writing from Kathmandu (Nepal)

I had visited at Dick's Cafe with and then I had happy having meal and drinking soft drink at both BKK as well as at Jomtien.

Very Nice - Thank You

Name: David Taylor - 05 August, 2005
Comment: Hello. I am writing from Auckland in New Zealand. I visit Thailand once or twice a year and Dicks Cafe is always part of my agenda. A quiet oasis in the middle of the rush and bustle of frantic Bangkok. I will be back on 16 August so will see you Cha and the rest of your team then!!

Name: Twinkle Toes - 01 June, 2005
Comment: Outstanding! Staff, service and quality of dishes - not to mention the variety - all superb. I shall return!!
Name: Ruth – 01 May, 2005
Comment: A big Hi from Aussie- I recently came to Thailand for my first ever visit. Wow! it sure was amazing, but very very hot! I just wanted to write to let you know, that I stumbled across Dick’s Café one day and had the best lunch ever. I sat inside to cool down, then ordered the best green thai curry I have ever tasted! I will definitely come back to Dicks café next time I travel to Bangkok for the Green Curry and interesting street life! Thanks for a great experience guys.

Name: Andrew Wong – 12 February, 2005
Comment: I have found both of the Café’s with all their staff taking care of me, really clean - a big selection of dishes to quench all my needs!

Name: Helmut - 09 February, 2005
Comment: I love Dicks Cafe. It’s a place to relax from the buzzing guys across the
bars. And I enjoy the food very much. Every visit to Bangkok you can be
sure I will be there. Kung is a excellent person of yours who knows how to
take care of guests. Next visit will be to Pattaya where I will definitely
go and have a look at your Dicks Café Jomtien as well.

Well done to you all!

Name: Andrew – 02 December, 2004
Comment: To everybody at Dick's, a very big thank you. I couldn't have had a
better time during my first visit to Bangkok, and you were a big part of
that. Already looking forward to seeing you all again.

Name: Danny - 18 September, 2004
Comment: One of my favorite places I like to go when visiting Pattaya, I would
recommend this spot to anyone visiting, thanks alot guys.

Name: Josh - September 11, 2004
Comment: Dicks cafe has a great atmosphere and very friendly and cute waiters
especially Mr Kung,i always go there to eat when in Bangkok, as the food
is fresh, tasty and reasonably priced I was their last month and will be
back their in December 2004, keep up the good work

Name: Dick from Holland - 29 August,2004
Comment: Hope we see you again in februari 2005 with Ton(Holland)Gaston,Luuk,Lina
Dolf,Rolf,Georges(Belgium)and enjoy your pleasant cafe and your Irish coffee!

Name: Paul – 27 August, 2004
Comment: I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my brief 2 day visit this week.
Best wishes with the new bar you have just opened there. I only wish there could be more like this in Pattaya and Bangkok.....places where gay people can comfortably go without being constantly hassled. You certainly did a brilliant thing in starting Dicks Cafe which I have often frequented over the past 4 years.

Name: John Holland - 17 August, 2004
Comment: Dick's cafe has been my favourite place in pattaya.Best service,great
atmosphere and the boys are out of this world. Nothing better than a good
dish served by the most friendly and beautiful boys of pattaya. Will
certainly visit you again.

Name: Paul Clarke - 22 February, 2004
Comment: Although a little smaller than her big sister in Bangkok, Dick's Jomtien is certainly on my list of fav's in Pattaya.

The manager (aside from his great looks and body:-)! together with his team in green really go all out to ensure customer satisfaction.

My thanks and see u all again soon!

Name: John Wei - 05 February, 2004
Comment: Top notch food and service in a beautiful atmosphere. My compliments.

Name: John - 26 January, 2004
Comment: Well my faithfulness in always going to Dick's cafe paid off...Big Hugs, (still got the central heating on full!)

Name: Gaycharlie - 5 December, 2003
Comment: Oh I love your place,,,all my love to all of you ,,,Charlie.

Location, Food and Service are all great as is!

Name: Michael - 29 November, 2003
Comment: My first time around your place - but definitely not the last. Exquisite
food, drinks - and the company of Hong..the nicest waiter I've met in
ages! Sorry my friend and I had to bust a dinner appointment with you
shortly before the APEC meetings. We'll make up sometime soon..

Name: Sven - October 31, 2003
Comment: Thanks for good service The waiter was excellent.I take my
boyfriend every day to Dicks Cafe I’m coming back! Thanks
For everything!

Name: De'Andre Baldwin - 01 October 2003
Comment: Over the past few years I have been spending my Thailand holiday in Pattaya, but never to forget the wonderful feeling of "my home away from home" at the Tarntawan in Bangkok. I am so glad that I decided to return this past August. ALL of you at the Tarntawan are incredible, including you guys at Dick's Cafe' too! I missed the grand opening of the new Dick's Cafe'-Jomtien last month for I was already USA bound. Heard nothing but wonderful things. So, I look forward to many amusing visits when I return next month. Again, I offer my sincere thanks for the many fond memories!!

Name: Phil Parker – 22 September, 2003
Comment: Stylish, comfortable and super service! Just what Pattaya needs! Well done!

Name: Osprey – 20 September, 2003
Comment: Sorry to have missed your opening, I heard it was great (despite our weather!)
The best place for us to while away the afternoons before taking on the town!!!

Name: John Westenberg – 16 September, 2003
Comment: Indeed - Congratulations!!!! Great party, Great Food and especially great waiters…..!!

Name: Nike – 16 September, 2003
Comment: Well done Dick’s Jomtien!! Assured the best in both Bangkok and Pattaya now
Thanks Boys!!

Name: Walter Marsh – 11 August, 2003
Comment: Superb service and some of the best Thai food in town. We very much appreciated
the non-smoking policy indoors whilst enjoying our meal (I’m a smoker myself) and could then sit in comfort outside under cooling fans and enjoy my ‘habit’ with a few drinks. Please keep this policy up and Thankyou!!!

Name: Gilles Malaise ‘First Class Around the World’ – 27 July, 2003
Comment: All the Thai delicacies are in the menu of this cute cafe, located opposite to Patpong. The management like to call it "The latest meeting spot in the hottest melting pot of the City of Angels". Maybe because it is mixed up with a range of boys go-go bars. We actually took DICK'S CAFE for what it is, indeed: a superb and good value for money restaurant, we couldn't miss on this chapter.
We loved its colonial atmosphere at first sight. It displays a fresh and convenient design: reminiscent of days gone by and, in some way, quite Parisian with customers lovely girls chatting at the open air terrace over a walking street. We sat at a corner table, in front of the animated bar. Enjoying the cool air braced by a ventilator fixed on the original wood paneled roof. Fresh is the appropriate adjective to describe the Cafe: cool, clean, even immaculate, extremely relaxed with a most friendly and efficient staff who knows that Cointreau is served with ice and Cognac without! This is a place fitted for quiet pleasure.
Listening to Louis Armstrong glamourous melodies, we opened the menu. Good surprise, it starts with a drink list one could usually only find in a deluxe hotel bar: from the Russian Stolichnaya vodka till the French Benedictine or the distinguished Spanish Tio Pepe, we found it a real Heaven in a district more or less managed by Mister Heineken (though they also serve that kind of blend beer)... Low price of the beverage (THB 80/US$ 2 for a Johnnie Walker Black Label) is generously extended to the food. We tried first the both crispy and smooth Chicken Lemon: deep fried mashed chicken bites with a strong lime savor. This is one of the chef's specialty. Some guests come only for it. That's great! We had then a Tom Ka Kai (on the menu: Spicy Chicken Soup with Coconut Milk): not as famous -though superior according to our taste- as the world famous Tom Yam, this is one of the richest and tastiest soup available on Earth. At DICK'S CAFE we found it superlative. They put a lot of coconut and mushrooms inside it: as without those ingredients generously mixed, this can't be an authentic Tom Ka Kai. Fried Rice with Beef, Crab, Shrimps or Squids is also unbeatable. A Pad Thai came then on the table: on a big portion, just like the rest of the meals. It was done like Thai cooks do it upcountry: with that undeniable taste fresh noodles develop in the palate. As a desert, all the combinations are available: from the strange at first sight, though actually sweet, Three Colored Vermicelli with Coconut Syrup, till the Sticky Rice with Black Beans in Coconut Syrup or the more international Milk Shake.
Believe it or not: in that classy place, in the whole center of the most highly touristy area of Bangkok, fare scarcely go over 60/70 THB (US$ 1.5) per course!!! The management, also running the excellent TARNTAWAN PLACE hotel, is too generous! It's time for now well informed gourmet travellers to take profit! After peeping into their guestbook, we saw that those sitting here before us came to a same conclusion.
Unbeatable and warmly recommended!

Name: George – 30 May, 2003
Comment: I had the best time at Dick's... excellent service, yummy food and very very sweet staff Nat :-).

I can't wait to return... hugs boys

Name: Will – 30 March, 2003
Comment: A favorite haunt of mine, a great place to sit, sip and watch the soi go by. Everyone is friendly and always greeted with a broad smile and your name. Dick's a slice of Europe in hot Bangkok

Name: Thaipet – 24 March, 2003
Comment: I recently read a comment from Marc B. about Dick's and I think he must have your restaurant confused with some other place. I have visited your place many times and I have always found it pleasant and friendly. The waiters have always given prompt and friendly service and the food is always great. Keep up the good work guys!

Name: David – 16 February, 2003
Comment: Hello, I was in (Feb) and visited Dick's Cafe many times. The food
and service is excellent. I will be back in June and will see you again!
Thank You.

Name: Alan - 15 February, 2003
Comment: Spent a few nights outside with a beer watching this fabulous soi awaken.
Delightful staff and excellent service....I'll be back in July and this time I'll stay at Tarntawan Place (same owners) If Dicks Bar is anything to go by the Tarntawan should be first class

Name: Centaur - 07 February, 2003
Comment: Thank you guys for the few evenings I spent there just sipping a beer in peace and watching 'gay' Bangkok pass by.
Your staff are a credit to your business and deserve recognition.
I will be back in July and will, again, give my custom to this fine cafe!
( oh! guys..those green shorts...nah get rid of 'em.) Best wishes....c ya soon!

Name: Martin - 06 February, 2003
Comment: I had a great time in Bangkok and Dick's was a very good place to have a nice meal, a cold beer and to watch what was going on in the street. I will be back for sure!

Name: Alan - 15 February, 2003
Comment: Spent a few nights outside with a beer watching this fabulous Soi awaken.
Delightful staff and excellent service - I'll be back in July and this time I'll stay at Tarntawan Place (same owners) If Dicks Cafe is anything to go by the Tarntawan should be first class

Name: John – 15 February, 2003
Comment: Hello, I was in BKK Feb 1-10 and visited Dick's Cafe many times. The food
and service is excellent.

Name: Bruce Beaudette - 01 January, 2003
Comment: I loved this wonderful establishment for the great food, drink, and great view of the action across the street, down the street, and passing by. I made friends with a bunch of the staff, and hope that they are still working there when I return to Bangkok later this year. I love and miss all of you.

Thanks! And I am coming back!

Name: David - 13 December, 2002
Comment: Note the ‘Tarntawan’ connection It sounds like heaven and may not want to leave the building if so. I suppose the old Suriwongse is still there. Nothing else seems familiar. Can’t wait to get back to travel mode.
Love and peace. David.

Name: Oceanside – 26 October, 2002
Comment: Good service, good food, good prices. You can watch guys from here, not a lot of them, but it works. The art is unique. I got some attitude when I just stopped by to check the place out, but the queen waiter loved me again when I returned later for dinner. :)

Name: John – 01 September, 2002
Comment: Thank God for Dicks. In a short time this cafe/bar has become an institution of Bkk's gay scene, and rightly so. Pleasant staff, all with gorgeous smiles, with personalities to match. In Suriwongse, the only place to eat and meet.

Name: Greg - 05 August, 2002
Comment: Congratulations on the occasion of your 3rd Year Anniversary at Dick's Cafe. It is a great place and you both do an excellent job in managing it and the Tarntawan.
What would we do without you.
Look forward to seeing you later this year. Please give my regards to the staff, especially the ladies in the hotel bar/restaurant. Tell them "Khun Gregory" says hello.
Best wishes,

Name: Aki & Esa - 15 July, 2002
Comment: Happy Birthday Dick´s!!!

Name: John - 12 June, 2002
Comment: I have not found a more relaxing place than Dicks it has the ambiance of a European cafe/bar in the heart of bustling gay Bangkok. It is a delight to sit and sip your drink at any time of day. My favourite must be when the gogo bar 'meeters and greeters' start touting for business they really work for their money and do not mind how many times you say no. Eventually they will leave you go on your way, but all this is good natured.
The food at Dicks is excellent value and of good quality.
As for the staff, well a friendlier group of guys you could not wish to meet. They are always cheerful and a very pleasant to talk to.
So guys - thanks for the oasis and it is far better than Rick's 'Cafe Americano'.

Name: Big Russ, Johannesburg South Africa - 29 May, 2002
Comment: I've just received a book from Bangkok posted by a friend who lives there. Got me all quite nostalgic so I thought I'd leap onto your guest book page and say Dick's is always my first port of call after the hotel when I visit Bangkok. Your mellow vibe is just what a fellow needs after a long haul flight. Missing Bkk now that the South African Highveld winter has struck. All going well, we'll see you at the end of 2002! Say hi to Na-T if he's still around.

Name: Toddy Tx - 08 May, 2002
Comment: such a nice place to hang out..
I been to your place during new year, I have a wonderful time at your place with my friend, great food, great people. i wish i be there soon

Name: Robert James - 28 April, 2002
Comment: I spent a couple of late evenings relaxing in your splendid cafe with my friend at the end of an exhausting day in "The City of Angels". It is such a pleasure to find somewhere non-raucous and cool to have a final drink & snack before going to the "Land of Nod". One can discuss the day's events and plan the next day in an atmosphere which is not dominated by belting chart hits etc. Congratulations on keeping the cafe a peaceful haven from the world outside. I shall look forward to more of the same when I return to BKK later this year.

Much love and peace

Name: Andy and Steve - 22 April, 2002
Comment: WOW! - Just got back to the UK after a tearful overnight flight home to the UK and realised that, right now, had we stayed on we'd be chatting to Jack and ordering lunch. Neither of us have ever experienced such a wonderful place (yes, Bangkok but more the experience of visiting Dicks Cafe).

A big THANK YOU to Singha, Kid, Nat, Jack and the rest of the guys at Dick's for making our unintentional 14 nights in Bangkok THE most memorable holiday we have EVER HAD !!
OK we may have been a bit lazy and relied on Dicks Cafe for lunch and evening drinks (no comments from you, Jack, about "breakfast for sir?" at 4pm), but hey! - when you've found the best bar in the World where you are treated with true fondness and can watch the best street theatre in the World on your doorstep - why go anywhere else ?

Congratulations to all off you - you are by far and away the absolute best when it comes to service and the food is to die for !!

You all have a place in our hearts now and have made sure we will come back to Thailand and Bangkok just as soon as we can, and yes, we will be spending every waking hour (or nearly all of them) with you!!

Thanks again for the best holiday we have ever had... take care.

Name: Dreammen - 12 February, 2002
Comment: Nice and lovely place.

See you again soon.

Name: Charles E. Smith from California - 21 December, 2001
Comment: I arrived for my yearly vacation. This was my first time to Thailand, and was traveling by myself.

I found Dick's Cafe in a book called, "Thai Guys", and decided to check your place out. From the moment I arrived to your Cafe, I was greeted by your Manager,and staff. They were so very helpful, and friendly.

Since the first day I arrived there, I went to your cafe to have lunch. The next time I come to Thailand, I'm definitly coming back to your establishment.


Name: Joey from Beijing - 01 November, 2001
Comment: My friend and I visited Bangkok and discovered the genuine warm hospitality of the staff of your Cafe! It is indeed a perfect place to relax, people-watch and just let time go by. I will definitely be back next month and I look forward to seeing you all, guys!
The place is spotlessly clean, the portable rock fish tank can be a welcome sight amidst the activities within the compound. It is like a place where people know each other and take the effort of welcoming each other even just by a mere smile.
Thanks for the complimentary magazines and the cozy lounge sofa by the corner.
Keep up the good work and stay happy!

Name: Rudolf - again here from Switzerland - 10 September, 2001
Comment: Yes, nothing has changed at Dick's Cafe, but the silly 'closing hour rules' currently in force. However, I do enjoy it much, and even Gil still is loved by SINGHA !
See you again and LOVE forever (to whom?) Guess, and keep smiling!

Name: Leif Jensen DK. - 16 August, 2001
Comment: You have a wonderful place; hope to visit you and your staff in the near future

Name: Gerard van Heeswijk - 22 July, 2001
Comment: Greetings to all the boys! from Gerard in HOLLAND!

Name: Bill - 15 July, 2001
Comment: I'm a regular for lunch most weekends- keep the music quiet, 70s and relaxed - it is not DJ or those bars around - it is a place to rest, relax, cogitate and escape - keep up the good work. If the music get raucous - I walk!

From Dick’s Café Bangkok;

Many thanks for your message Bill. We agree entirely and choose our music to reflect just what you say. Our apologies if some alternative music crept in without us noticing.

Name: Stefan - 21 May, 2001
Comment: Delightful!
Name: Dave - 02 October, 2000
Comment: I had a "most excellent" adventure in Thailand. A great deal of that was due to the hospitality of your hotel, cafe, and staff. I was most impressed with the quality and courteousy of your employees, always a smile and always helpful. I have told all of my friends here in Philadelphia how great the hotel, Cafe and the experience were. I am looking forward to coming back to Bangkok later this year or early next year. Undoubtedly the hotel and Cafe will be one of the first to know.

I really enjoyed our conversations at Dick's Cafe, and wish you every success with your business ventures there. Now it is back to work and the hectic pace of Wall Street. I will miss the "quiet" life in Bangkok.

See you one of these days very soon, I hope.

Name: Tim - 24 September, 2000
Comment: My wonderful boyfriend and I first began to forge our relationship at Dick's. I will always remember it fondly for that, and hope to return many times together in the future.

I do however share the concern of an earlier poster regarding the music - it's no longer the 70's guys ! :-)

Keep up the good work.

Dear Tim,

Many thanks for signing our guestbook!

It was indeed a pleasure to have you as our customer and I thank you for your comment on our music selection

We strive to reach and maintain the highest standards possible and as a valued customer, comments such as yours are invaluable in our efforts to provide the best possible service.

I will be out shopping this week to get a more 'updated' selection of nice tunes but will keep with the 'easy listening' style that our clientele appreciate and is in keeping with the Cafe's ambiance.

My thanks again and looking forward to welcoming you back!


Name: F. - 11 September, 2000
Comment: Sad to see that Alan has gone off "cruising" for a year - however, Ched is doing a great job at keeping the punters content during the day.
Name: Michael & Jon - 05 August, 2000
Comment: It's cold & wet here in perth(WA)tonite and there's nothing more we would rather be doing than sitting at Dick's enjoying your geat food and hospitality.looking forward to coming back.thanks to lukas and his v. cute staff. cheers!
Name: F - 03 July, 2000
Comment: A great place to hang in the quiet hours of post party recovery on a Saturday or Sunday. Alan and Ched are great company to while the hours away
Name: Alby - 12 June, 2000
Comment: Yes, a true Oasis. My thanks guys!
Name: Glenn - 30 May, 2000
Comment: You have a wonderful place; hope to visit you and your staff in the near future


Name: Rudolf - from Switzerland - 10 May, 2000
Comment: I did spend a funny and entertaining time here, sitting with friends and Khun Gil (Singha likes him). The staff is too cute and friendly too. I definitely travel back to the heaven of relax and enjoy, with good mood and food.
Until then. Keep going the same way

Name: Ian - 05 April, 2000
Comment: I recently spent some time in Dick's Cafe, Bangkok, and would like to compliment you on providing a haven of sanity amongst the alternative venues nearby.

Service was exemplary and professional with the welcoming smile that one associates so often with Thais in general. I returned on several occasions as a result and received a friendly greeting every time. Commendation should also be given to Alan, your Manager, who led his team by example.

May I wish you all every success for the future.

ps Just one minor suggestion, perhaps a more sophisticated sound system and some contemporary CD's might enhance what is already a class act.

Name: Andrew - 02 April, 2000
Comment: Back home (in North Carolina), how many times I have thought about sitting on your front porch, enjoying a cocktail, and watching the passing parade on Soi Twilight. What a delightful spot--friendly service, delicious food, splendid sights! I always hated to leave. Thanks for many memorable visits...
Name: Dewayne & Walter - 15 March, 2000
Comment: Dick's Cafe has to be one of the most friendliest bars and Cafes that I have ever been to.

I miss everyone there and it makes me " homesick " not to be there.

I miss the great lunches, the rye and diet coke and most of all Ched, Nat, Chaa, Chang, Nog and Ead. We will no doubt be back to visit you all, and this time be able to spend more time in your wonderful country, and bar.

Again Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
Your Canadian friends
Dewayne and Walter

Name: Marty - 14 March, 2000
Comment: Dick's is an oasis of sophistication and quiet in Patpong. The drinks, the music and the staff are a wonderful combination that make for a memorable evening. Definitely worth a visit!
Name: Heme - 1st January, 2000
Comment: What a party! Have a great year guys!
Name: A & J - 02 December, 1999
Comment: Just want to say we had such a wonderful time on all our visits to Dick's! Would especially like to thank Alan and your Chef who surprised us every night with our dinners!

Would suggest only one thing - a more extensive wine selection, otherwise perfct!

Thanks for making us feel at home!

Name: Stewart Cushing - 17 November, 1999
Comment: Love it!
Name: James McGregor - 12 October, 1999
Comment: Just what I've been looking for! Just kick back and relax and wait for the fun!!! Special thanks to the afternoon boys who really know how to get you ready!
Name: Bill McTierney - 10 September, 1999
Comment: Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed my visits to the Cafe. Your food and service are outstanding.

Thanks and Best Wishes.

Name: Arjan Chan - 08 September, 1999
Comment: What a great place! I have never seen anything like this before.

This is the place to chill!

Thanks for everything and all your advice guys and will see you all in December.

Name: Andy Humer - 02 July, 1999
Comment: What a refreshing alternative! Well done guys!

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